Custom Ukuleles

  • Walnut/Sinker Redwood Tenor4:10

  • Kinnard Concert Blackwood/Cedar.mp34:08

Series 3 Kinnard Walnut/Sinker Redwood Z-StockTenor

Series 2 Tenor in Sycamore with a Torrified Sitka Top

Kinnard Series 3 Concert Slothead in African Blackwood with Cedar Top​

Photo Gallery/Sound Samples


  • Kinnard Maple/Torrified Sitka Tenor 4:01
  • Kinnard Maple/Torrified Sitka Tenor 4:01

Series 3 Tenor with East Indian Rosewood and Bear Claw Sitka top

​Kinnard Series 2 in East Indian Rosewood and Cedar

Kinnard Series 3 with Quilted Maple and Sinker Redwood

Series 3 Maple/Torrified Sitka Tenor Cutaway

Kinnard Series 2 Walnut/Sinker Redwood Tenor

​Series 2 Mahogany Tenor with 18" Scale

Series 3 Baritone 19" Scale Figured Maple/German Spruce