Custom Tenor Size Kiku in Koa with Torrified Sitka Top

Series 3 Z- Stock Tenor in East Indian Rosewood with Western Red Cedar Top

Series 2 Baritone with Custom Seahorse Inlays

Kimo Hussey Super Tenor in Sycamore with Torrified Sitka Top

Series 3 Super Concert - Walnut/Western Red Cedar with Sound Port​

​Series 3 Quilted Maple/Sitka Baritone with cutaway

​Palo Escrito/Redwood Soprano

Kimo Hussey Model Super Tenor

Six String Baritone​ with Cut-away

Series 3 Cutaway Cocobolo and Bearclaw Sitka

Matching Kiku/Tenor Cocobolo/Sitka

Walnut with Torrified Sitka Top

Series 3 Cedar/Walnut with Blue Pau Purfling 

Luthier's for a Cause Tenor using "The Tree Mahogany" and "Lucky Strike" Redwood

Cocobolo with Western Red Cedar tenor with Series 3 appointments

Series 3 Tenor- German Maple with Western Red Cedar top tenor.

  • Seahorse Bari sound sample.mp34:47

Maple with Sinker Redwood top

Maple/Sinker Redwood Tenor Cutaway

Custom Padauk/Bearclaw Sitka Tenor Guitar

Kiku-  Cocobolo/Sitka with Soundport and Cut-away.

  • Maple/Sinker Redwood6:00

​Photo Gallery/Sound Samples

Custom Six String in Walnut

California Walnut with California Redwood

  • Kiku II Coco/Sitka.mp34:32

Kiku-  Quilted Maple/Sitka with​ Soundport and Cut-away

  • Kinnard Walnut 6 string.mp33:33

Series 3 Tenor- Honduran Rosewood/Western Red Cedar top

California Sycamore​ with Sitka Spruce Top (Series 3)

Series 3 All Cocobolo Tenor

Luthier's Reserve #2 "All Walnut" Tenor with the new "Z-stock" Headstock

  • Quilted Maple/Torrifed Sitka Baritone.mp34:50

Cocobolo with Sinker Redwood Concert

"The Dream Maker"-  Super tenor with Master grade Koa salvaged from an old headboard.  Torrified Sitka top, Snakewood bridge and fingerboard....Custom built for Kimo Hussey.

​Series 3 Figured Maple and Sinker Redwood

  • Kimo Hussey Walnut Super Tenor.mp33:08


Custom Ukuleles

  • Kimo 6 String Bari.mp34:07

  • Kinnard ALL Cocobolo Tenor.mp34:32

Series 3 Walnut with Bearclaw Sitka

  • Maple Kiku Sound Sample5:02

Kimo Hussey Super Tenor- Walnut/Western Red Cedar