We had the honor of being invited to display at the 2015 'Ukulele Guild of Hawaii', builders show on Nov 21 and 22.  It was an amazing experience to meet all the fine folks from the guild and see the wonderful builds that the members displayed.  Kimo Hussey and Manny Halican,  the president of the club, put on a first class event and we had a blast.

It was really fun to meet the other builders-from folks that have only been building a couple of years to the creme de la creme of the uke building community.  Eric Devine, Rollo Scheurenbrand, Steve Grimes and Chuck Moore were all in attendance and we had the chance to talk shop and check out each others builds. 

Saturday night a banquet was held and Kalei Gamiao along with Kimo played about 10 different ukes as part of the entertainment. While it was awesome to hear Kalei play our new "Luthier's Reserve" model it was even more awesome to see the look on one of the young guild member's face when Kalei played the fourth uke he had ever built- that was a highlight for me.

"Ukulele Builders Guild of Hawaii" Show 2016

The 2016 Ukulele Builder's Guild show was held on November 18-20 at the famous  Moana Surfrider Hotel in Waikiki Beach on Oahu.  Builders from around the world attended and showed off an amazing array of ukuleles.  It was a great time and we had the opportunity to meet up with old friends and met a whole bunch of new ones.  The aloha spirit was really evident and the sharing of tips and build info by the luthiers was present throughout the display areas.

Kimo Hussey, John Covey, Mike Chock and Manny Halican, along with the other members of the guild put on a great event and we look forward to 2017.

November 29, 2016

The Kinnard Z-stock design headstock is now available on our Series 2 and Series 3 ukuleles.   This headstock design was introduced at the 2016 Ukulele Builders Guild of Hawaii show on Waikiki Beach.  This unique design will be offered in the open window style for the Series 3 and an inlay design for the Series 2 instruments.

Announcing the Kinnard "Z-stock" Design Headstock Option

Shop Visit by Michael and Ann Watts

December 17, 2015

We had the pleasure of having Michael and Ann Watts of Anchorage, Alaska stop by the shop today for a visit.   I first met Mike and Ann at the Reno Uke Festival in 2014 when they stopped by the booth to check out John's work.  Needless to say they liked what they saw and took home a beautiful East Indian Rosewood Tenor with a Cedar top.  They brought it with them to show us and it has matured and opened up wonderfully-  Loud and very sweet tone.....

Thanks for the visit Mike and Ann and we look forward to a couple of very special custom builds to be delivered in 2016!  Thanks for the support!

Reno 2015

March 15/16, 2015

Kimo Hussey and Zanuck Lindsey Visit and Workshop/Concert

We had the pleasure of hosting Kimo Hussey and Zanuck Lindsey for a workshop and concert sponsored by KinnardUkes the weekend of March 15th.  We were also excited about delivering the Kīkū which was used in concert.  Kimo and Zanucks response regarding the new instrument was tremendous and they were very taken with the looks, sound and playability.  Thank you Kimo and Zanuck for a great workshop and concert and for a wonderful weekend of laughs, fun and music....

Dec 5, 2014

Kimo Hussey Workshop/Concert

with Zanuck Lindsey


March 16, 2015

4:00- 6:00pm workshop

Concert at 7:00

KinnardUkes is proud to announce a St Paddy's Eve ukulele workshop and concert featuring Kimo Hussey and Zanuck Lindsey on Monday, March 16, 2015.  The workshop and concert will be held near the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad California.  The workshop will start at 4:00 in the afternoon and the concert will be that evening at 7:00pm.

Price is $25.00 for both the workshop and concert.  If you wish to attend just the workshop or just the concert, the price is $15.00.

If you have never taken a workshop with Uncle Kimo you are in for a treat!  He will be joined by Zanuck Lindsey, an amazing musician from Hawaii, and they will be showing you techniques and tricks to help you on your uke journey.  Stay tuned for more details.  Workshop is limited to 30 people.  To reserve a spot contact me at kevin@KinnardUkes.com or call me at 760 271-8334.


2385 Camino Vida Roble   Suite 201

Carlsbad, Ca. 92011

​​December 1, 2014

Hawaii Music Supply

We just returned home from the island of Oahu where we had the opportunity to meet ​the wonderful folks at Hawaii Music Supply.  Andrew Kitakis and the crew do an amazing job of supplying not only a huge selection of instruments to the ukulele community but also the Aloha spirit that goes with them.

We are pleased and honored to announce that HMS will be the exclusive dealer for John S. Kinnard soprano size ukuleles and we are thrilled to be a part of this great organization.  

We look forward to you hearing what these little sopranos can do!  Go to www.theukulelesite.com and check out the video section to hear Corey play the Kinnard soprano shown below.  If you have any questions or would like to get one on order please contact Andrew at:


Hawaii Music Supply

(800) 622-8000



Latest News and Events

'Ukulele Builders Guild of Hawaii' Show 2015

Palm Springs Uke Festival 2015

Feb 7, 2015

​​KinnardUkes displayed at the first ever Palm Springs Uke Festival and showed off the new Tenor/Tenor combo along with a new soprano, a baritone, a couple of tenors and a Kinnard mandolinetto.  John joined us on Saturday and had the chance to meet some current Kinnard owners and some "soon to be" Kinnard owners.  Good crowd and fun group of people jamming around us-  Victoria Vox came by and sang one of her original songs on the Padauk/Sitka tenor and man did she sound great!

Steve Clemens from Santa Barbara became a KinnardUkes family member this weekend- congratulations Steve and welcome to the family....

December 20, 2014

Craig and Ginny Turner Visit

We had the pleasure of a visit by Craig and Ginny Turner on their recent trip out to San Diego from North Carolina. Craig was one of the original participants in the KinnardUkes Road Trip and Ginny was the very first person to try out and give feedback on the Kinnard soprano.  They have been big supporters of ours from the start and we really appreciate them taking the time to stop by.

John was able to show them around the shop and we got the chance to catch up on all the latest with KinnardUkes. Craig had the opportunity to try out the new baritone and a couple of tenors including a brand new build that had just been brought up to pitch that morning.  Man, that guy can play!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Feb 15, 2016

Hong Kong Visit with Kimo Hussey

We just returned from a 12 day visit to Hong Kong where we were hosted by Harry Ngai who put on a ukulele retreat featuring Kimo Hussey and David Chen.  Our visit corresponded with the Chinese Lunar New Year and we were graciously hosted to dinners and events with Harry's friends and family.

We had an amazing time and got to tour many areas of Hong Kong along with a visit to Macau on one of the days.  Hong Kong truly is a "must see" destination combining the old with the new.  It's a modern, extremely clean city with a mass transit system that can take you everywhere with very little effort.

During our visit we conducted a 3 day ukulele retreat along with some public concerts by Kimo,  David and Harry.  KinnardUkes was well represented as we brought three instruments for display along with Kimo's new super tenor he brought along.  This allowed the participants the opportunity to be introduced to and play the instruments in a workshop environment and they seemed to really enjoy the experience.

I had the opportunity to make a presentation on the design and construction of custom ukes and also the chance to teach a class on improvisation which was a lot of fun for all of us.

What a wonderful opportunity it was to travel with Kimo and I learned quite a lot from sitting in on his workshop.  We had a truly great time and look forward to our next trip with him to promote high quality ukuleles in different parts of the world.



Reno 2015 was a great event and we had the opportunity to show off our tenors and baritone ukes.  We had the pleasure of meeting Michael Powers along with Moe Dixon of Mya-Moe.  Great guys and amazing musicians-  Doug and Mindy Reynolds put on a really nice event and we look forward to next years Reno festival.


Custom Ukuleles